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Loving my new Sugar Daddy!

my_sugar_daddySugar Daddies they are everywhere, down the street, a few miles away, even a few states. Either way there is always a Sugar Daddy nearby waiting for you to walk up to his door step. What exactly is a Sugar Daddy you may ask? I can say that it is one of the best things I have ever done! No pun intended, he-he! No but seriously a Sugar Daddy is a man seeking companionship in another. More specifically receives favors for payment or gifts and etc for special favors depending on what your daddy is looking for. At the best of the sugar daddy websites you can find eligible daddies near or far depending on your preferences. Many daddies are in your area with just a quick click and pick away. I found that when seeking for a daddy the link that I have provided is exactly what I have been looking for. I was able to choose my daddy rather than being thrown to a couple animals to see who would take the biggest bite. I was able to see what my Sugar Daddy does and what he looks like. I was even able to meet with him and get to know him before actually committing to be with my sugar daddy. With my sugar daddy one thing led to another and I found even more than just a playmate that just wanted to shower me with riches. I now have a love that I cherish as much as the money he showers me with! Nothing makes my sugar daddy happier that we have strong feelings as well as him being able to do what he loves best, cherish me to the end! Of course all sugar daddies have different preferences; mine searched for a short term that turned into a long term. Some just want friendship others a traveling partner it all just matters on what you are looking for. If you are looking for someone to cherish you as if you were royalty go to the Sugar Daddy Finder website and find your playmate today. Maybe you can even find your soul mate, but try to have some fun before you do so, I know I did.

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December 2013
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