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Facebook Purchased Instagram to Compete with Google Plus

While I believe that Facebook’s original intent and motives are pure in the purchasing of Instagram, I am concerned that the outcome will negatively affect Instagram and its users. For a 1 billion dollar purchase, Mark Zuckerberg claims that he really plans to use Instagram’s strengths and not incorporate it into Facebook. I, along with many others, are concerned for Instagram. Instagram had really just started to take off and become popular. In addition to being easy to use, it is also a really good app for photo sharing. It seems as though Facebook is making some drastic attempts to compete with Google Plus (the new and rapidly growing competitor of Facebook). Facebook might just be copying Google Plus, who recently bought a photo sharing site called Picnik. But either way, I think that Facebook deserves a fair chance to prove themselves. Facebook always seems to listen to its users, by changing settings, adding features, and notifying us of changes to its policy. Just like any company it is seeking to survive and Facebook decided to take a chance with Instagram. I think we ought to give Facebook a chance and see if they succeed. They have already made the purchase, maybe they will continue to allow users to comment and take those into consideration. And if they do what they promised it sounds as though Instagram will remain a separate entity from Facebook and still allow users to post to other social media sites that are not Facebook. It could be that Instagram is not going to change at all, and it could even get better. We might as well give it a chance, and if it turns out for the benefit of all, we won’t be so hesitant the next time Facebook makes a big move like this. In fact, we might even be asking Facebook to purchase more independent applications like Instagram.

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February 2013
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